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20.11.2010: Kaufbeuren Allkarthalle - Supporting Freedom Call and Kissin´ Dynamite


30.10.2010: Kempten Nightshade - with Red to Grey, Envinya


04.04.2010   Metal Battle in Egelsee (Schwarzer Adler) with Running Death and Drastic Violence


20.03.2010    Rock und Heavy-Party in Überbach bei Dietmannsried with RULE




24.7.2009 WSO-Festival in Stötten a. A.


 + Bressack

 + Torment Tool

 + Drawkcab

 + Soulswater

 + The Smeck-Ballz





12.06.2009 Obergünzburg, Club GO IN with The Jack




          07.01.2006 Marktboerdorf, Route 66 with Structural Defect, 5th Cross

          28.01.2006 Mindelheim, U2 with Downcast, Black Abyss



           23.04.2005 Marktoberdorf, Route 66 with Red To Grey



          28.02.2004 Donzdorf, Berghof with Stuctural Defect, Six Heads Ahead, Stahlmagen

         12.06.2004 Reichenbach, Die Halle with Stahlmagen, Electrobaby, Behind the Scenery, Firereign

          30.10.2004 Ulm, Beteigeuze with Structural Defect, Six Heads Ahead



          13.06.2003 Obergünzburg, Go In with Six Heads Ahead, Drift Kills, Si Si Kei



          20.04.2002 Marktoberdorf, Papillon- Szene Star- Band contest

          29.05.2002 Marktoberdorf, Papillon with Menace, Nursery Sloap, Sub Zero

          19.10.2002 Marktoberdorf, Papillon with Downcast, Survivor.Dayone, Sub-Zero

          23.11.2002 Marktoberdorf, Papillon with Red To Grey, Couragous

          13.12.2002 Ulm, Hexenhaus with Downcast, Somber Serenity, Nachtmahr